Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett in Stroud

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Green Gov1Natalie Bennett talks about some Green successes like in Brighton and Hove and Greens introducing a Living Wage, stopping library closures, opposing the bedroom tax, seeking a 20mph across the city, keeping social care eligibility criteria and becoming the first Council to be awarded for being on the path to one planet living. Other projects Natalie talks about include insulation and renewables in Kirklees plus a shop repairing stuff and a future Green vision….

The evening was ‘Greens in Government’ where Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader and County Councillor Sarah Lunnon both gave presentations at Lansdown Hall in Stroud on Friday 26th April 2013. This is one of several films of the evening made by Philip Booth.

See highlights from the evening at:

Sarah’s talk about her work as a County Councillor and hopes after the elections on 2nd May:

See more about the loans to improve energy efficiency and sustainable energy measures for private households in this 3 minute film with Cllr Simon Pickering:

The broadcast by Caroline Lucas was also played during the evening, see

Answers to other questions from the evening:


Is there an alternative to austerity?


How would the Green party tackle inequality?


Will Proportional Representation ever happen?


Tell me more about Green Party policy on Land Value Tax?


Tell me more about Green party policy on education?


See more at:

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