Casimir Greenfield’s ‘Immortals’ (Official Video)

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Cas2015 Nominations-Best Music FilmWe are delighted to note that this video has been nominated by the public for Stroud Community TV Awards 2015.

Stroud based singer songwriter Casimir Greenfield has released this new single ‘Immortals’ today ahead of his forthcoming album ‘Boy in the Attic’ due in the autumn. Cas has been recording the album with the cream of local musicians at Ragged Moon Studios in Stroud. Both the single and album will be released on the Ragged Moon Label. Buy it here.

Cas has had a lifetime in music and recently a tape of archive recordings came to light, first committed to tape in the mid 1970’s. Two of these songs have been re-mastered and augmented with new arrangements and vocals. Cas is accompanying his younger self on what is proving to be one of the longest recording sessions in pop music history.

Meanwhile, it is the single ‘Immortals’ that will be in the spotlight on June 12th. A song about hope in these often worrying times with the ultimate message that love is still what makes this amazing planet of ours go round! With a video styled by acclaimed artist Ruben Ireland, ‘Immortals’ promises to be the surprise hit of the summer.

Buy it here.

Casimir Greenfield website

Music written and performed by Casimir Greenfield, produced by Mike Cooling & Casimir Greenfield at Ragged Moon Studios.
Video styling – Ruben Ireland, Art direction – David Ireland, Editing – Niks Patel, Wardrobe –

See words of Immortals in comments below.

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3 Responses to “Casimir Greenfield’s ‘Immortals’ (Official Video)”

  1. Casimir Greenfield

    12. Jun, 2015

    Hi everyone – thanks for watching the video for my new single ‘Immortals’. Thought you might like to read the lyrics too.

    Immortals – words and music Casimir Greenfield

    • If World War Three is on the way there’s nowhere we can hide
    • La la las and pillow dark won’t help to stem the tide
    • So we try cling to something that nothing bad can change
    • That we lived our little lifetimes through a bright and golden age

    • And love, love – love hear my beating heart

    • We are like marble
    • We are like granite
    • We are like air
    • Like the sphere of a planet
    • Like the arc of a rainbow rising up to the sky
    • We are immortal and immortals never die.

    • And in this last cold day of winter at the keening of the knives
    • I give thanks to love and nature for keeping us alive
    • I don’t know where we’re headed before my soul takes flight
    • So let’s smash the walls of darkness down and step into the light

    • And love, love – love hear our beating hearts

    • We are like diamonds
    • The core of the sun
    • Like the stars in the heavens
    • We are second to none
    • Like the arc of a rainbow rising up to the sky
    • We are immortal and immortals never die.

    • And love, love – love hear my beating heart

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  2. Casimir Greenfield

    05. Nov, 2015

    Hi everyone – I’ve just heard that Immortals has become a Semi-Finalist in the 2015 UK Songwriting Contest, for the both the Music Video and for Songwriting.

    I’ll let you know what happens…

    wish us luck!


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  3. Philip

    05. Nov, 2015

    Big congrats!

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