Harmonised Design – building to share empathy

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A film from Alistair Somerville from Acuity Design – see his blog at: http://acuitydesign.blogspot.co.uk/

Alistair writes:

Harmonised Design takes ideas of Universal Design to enable empathy and conversation amongst us all.

Harmonised Design is about inverting the world of accessibility

Currently we think of a minority – with cultural differences, with impairments.

Then we think of the majority – whose world defines where the minority live.

Accessibility and universal design is are thus a one way process of helping the minority.

Adapting the world of the majority for the minority.

What if we rethink this all?

Put the majority in the middle.

Make them part of the many minority groups.

The central truth is Everyone becomes impaired – thru ageing or accident.

What the majority need is to understand is how to live with impairments.

What they need is empathy and advice from the minority.

What we make is a world that enables people to talk openly about meeting their personal needs.

The Inclusive Design isn’t about accessibility.

They’re about opening up conversations.

That’s what Harmonised Design is about.

The sharing of care.

We build inclusively to enable people to understand their future needs and learn from people who have experience to share.

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