Harry Jones: ‘Do You Believe?’ NEW EP Teaser/Trailer 2012/2013

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Track 1 ‘Do You Believe?’ from the forthcoming E.P ‘For Every Boy & Every Girl’. Expected release December/January.


It’s not all cops and robbers babe
Not everyone will feel the same
Not every rose you ever pick
Will always have the same affect
do you believe that love will find you today?

If you wait around for days
It might not ever come again
But if you close your eyes for good
You might find just what you should
Do you believe that love will find you again?

Cause it’s a fire you cannot start
Without a match, without a spark
You’re already lost if you have to look
You’ve paid the price but not the worth

The girl who lets her path unfold
Is worth more than her weight in gold
For she will wake with joy today
And find herself in love again…

All lyrics by Harry Jones (c)

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