Hate Crime film: made by Gloucestershire Voices

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SCTV-noms-2013-best campaign filmThis film was designed to promote discussion with groups about this issue. See more about Gloucestershire Voices and their drama project, Dramatic Changes’, at: http://www.glosvoices.co.uk/

Glos Voices video channel is here and more films with people with a learning disability by clicking on tag below.

See also film by Gloucestershire Police and students from the National Star College re hate crime: https://stroudcommunity.tv/disability-hate-crime/

Also see these 4 films on Stroud Community TV:

1/3 Is Hate Crime Legislation Unfair? A clip from the keynote speaker Roger Coulson Director of Equality Partnership – includes brief overview of work by Dr Paul Iganski. See: https://stroudcommunity.tv/is-hate-crime-legislation-unfair-hate-crime-conference-1-of-3/

2/3 Why we need the Human Rights Act? Another clip from the talk Roger Coulson. See:

3/3 Hate Crime; numbers, definitions and more. Keynote speaker Roger Coulson plus clips from other speakers,  Robin Agascar MBE from GAYGLOS and Chief Superintendent Nigel Avron. See: https://stroudcommunity.tv/hate-crime-numbers-definitions-and-more-hate-crime-conference-3-of-3/

Lastly the earlier acclaimed film by the Gloucestershire Hate Crime Partnership and the National Star College at: https://stroudcommunity.tv/hate-crime-in-gloucestershire/

Hate crime is a term which covers a range of crimes founded on prejudice based on race, religion, homophobia, transgender, disability and age. Last year more than 50,000 hate crimes were reported across England, Wales and Northern Ireland last year and the Crown Prosecution Service, prosecuted 15,284 hate crimes – 10% more than the previous year.

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