Hattie Briggs – Tilly’s Song (Official Music Video)

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best stroud music 2015We are delighted to note that this video won the best music film for 2015. See more in Stroud Community TV Awards 2015.

Hattie writes: Get Tilly’s Song on iTunes now – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/til…

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This one’s about a friend I’ve known for years.
Tilly I owe you this.
And cos a pocket full of promises won’t do.
My-ay old friend, I’ve sewn this one for you.

Looking back through time my memories sing of,
rushing round with summer time in bloom.
Like wild flowers in meadow scenes we grew.
My-ay old friend Matilda here’s to you.
My-ay old friend, my-ay old friend (repeats)

Many a time I’ve stepped into your shoes.
Though mine may be bigger you’ve stepped in mine too.
When flames flicker out, your fire is true.
My-ay old friend Matilda here’s to you (x3).

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