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sctv 2014 awards-2STROUD COMMUNITY TV  NEWSLETTER 25th March 2015

Our Awards evening! Winners announced!

On 18th March we had an amazing evening celebrating the diversity and creativity of Stroud! We showed 15 films, 7 film makers talked about their work and 8 awards were handed out; lots of laughs, tears and more. This is the third year since we started – as regular newsletter readers know our website has grown and we now have an incredible range of over 1,800 films with a Stroud connection.

To see more about the Awards evening and winners go to: https://stroudcommunity.tv/awards-2014/

SCTVAwards9Jimmy Edmonds, filmmaker, said of the evening (photo right Jaine Rose introducing a new film about the pink scarf and below Philip Booth getting ready for Festival): ‘There was no red carpet and no tuxedos, no massed ranks of photographers and no star spotters – neither was there a big name celebrity to clutch a golden statue to her breast before revealing the winner. But what there was, was pure Stroud. At the Crown and Sceptre in Horn Road last night, local film makers and their audience gathered for the first ever Stroud Community TV Awards evening – all part of the first ever Stroud Film Festival. The show, hosted by Philip Booth and Emma James, was a supreme example of community spirit pitching itself against the glamorous image of  cinema and winning.

SCTVAwards5From the wonderfully moving story of a young man with learning disabilities overcoming loneliness and finding love (“Would Like To Meet” which won the Audience Award with the most nominations from the public) via glimpses of body art in Painswick’s Art Couture Festival (were those bodies truly naked?) to the workshop in Nailsworth where the “Power of Craft” (best Community Project film) revealed how the ‘making of things’ can be a self affirming act, transforming the creator as much as the creation. The audience fed on these small but intense delicacies with enthusiasm and true appreciation of the ability of film and video to reach the parts that a bigger movies might not – a community recorded and represented in its own way, unmediated by any need to make a profit or sell an idea.’

wp1c68aebe_06STROUD FILM FESTIVAL WINNERS: It has been an extraordinary fortnight with still some days to go. See details at: http://stroudfilmfestival.org/

SCTVAwards3MUST SEE! And see the wonderful three winners, “What is Art?’, ‘ganapati claimant’ about art and disability and ‘7 Miles of Pinkness’  and a runner up about a guy on death row in the Festival Short Film Award (photo of winners collecting £250 prize by Steve Hurrell): https://stroudcommunity.tv/tag/stroud-film-festival/


Stroud Memory Walks: A group of people living with dementia, their carers and others, meet at Stroud’s Museum in the Park for a walk, a coffee and a great deal of support: https://stroudcommunity.tv/stroud-memory-walks/

A look at flood and drought: https://stroudcommunity.tv/flood-drought1/

GWTHelp to protect the Daneway and large blue butterflies: https://stroudcommunity.tv/daneway-banks-large-blue/

The Ridiculous Door to Door Salesman by a group of young film makers: https://stroudcommunity.tv/ridiculous-salesman/

SmileThe extraordinary story of The Girl who lost her Smile: https://stroudcommunity.tv/girl-who-lost-her-smile/

FreshNew cafe social enterprise opens in Cainscross: https://stroudcommunity.tv/fresh-ground/

NHS campaign history by Stroud Against The Cuts: https://stroudcommunity.tv/nhs-stroud-against-cuts/

In our politics and campaigns section we have several films from a talk by Molly Scott Cato MEP in Stroud, MyStroud MP animation, remembering Stroud Green Party’s oldest member (107), David Drew, fracking and more: https://stroudcommunity.tv/category/politics-and-campaigns/

Other films include magic man Colin Dymond, the Bubble Well in Minch, Noodle Night at Star Anise, flamingoes, goslings and more in several Slimbridge films, the Severn bore, Brick and Pin throwing in 1967 in Stroud, Cotswold canals archive film from 1976/7, Nia with Yael, a new series in British Sign Language looking at managing money, Polly Higgins at Findhorn, Ian Redmond in several films on gorillas, several films of Forest Green Rovers including highlights of their win against Barnet, Light Sabre’s to keep fit,  and millionaire Stephen Fear on what you need to know when he visited a project in Stroud.


2 x UK Beatbox Champion Grace Savage at The Convent: https://stroudcommunity.tv/grace-savage-diamond/

Hattie Briggs new single out; her album already number 27 in iTunes charts: https://stroudcommunity.tv/hattie-briggs-beautiful-mind/

Other music highlights include Nimue Brown on bouzouki, LilaJ and more from The Convent incl Chris Helme, Kelly Oliver, Sheena, Tess of the Circle and Hope Murphy: https://stroudcommunity.tv/category/music/

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