How to make Carrot Kheer or Payasam (Diabetic friendly dessert -Vegan Indian dessert)

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veganHow to make Carrot Kheer or Payasam (Diabetic friendly dessert -Vegan Indian dessert)

Carrot Kheer is one of my favourite Indian dessert. As any other Indian dessert, carrot kheer is loaded with sugar which isn’t very healthy to enjoy this Indian dessert. So I created fully raw and vegan carrot Kheer. The sweetness from freshly squeezed carrot juice elevates the flavour and cardamom adds aroma to this vegan Indian dessert. It tasted much better than cooked version of carrot kheer and also diabetic friendly, raw and vegan healthy Indian dessert.

Carrot Kheer (serves 1 or 2)

Cashews- 1/4 cup Soaked 2 hours
Medjool Dates- 1/2 or 1 depends on the sweetness
Carrot Juice -1cup

How to prepare….

Add cardamom & carrot to juicer or blender and squeeze the juice, then sieve any excess fibre (Tips – juicer yields best juice). I used slow star juicer to juice the carrot.

Now add the soaked cashews, dates, cardamom and carrot juice in the blender and blend well to get creamy and smoothy consistence.

For serving, slightly toast the nuts, coconut flakes, raisins with ghee or coconut oil and sprinkle over the drink.

Best served chilled.

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