The Human Face of Transport – improving bus services for all

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BusHere’s the press release from Gloucestershire Voices about the film which many Stroud folk have helped to make: ‘The Human Face of Transport’ – Gloucestershire County Council and Stagecoach commit to improving bus services for people with disabilities.

This week over thirty people attended the launch of the film, ‘The Human Face of Transport’, which is raising awareness of the issues faced by people with disabilities when accessing bus services across Gloucestershire. The event was hosted by the Better Buses Group at Gloucestershire Voices, a user-led organisation run by and for people with learning disabilities. The film is a fantastic training and educational tool for transport providers, schools, and for organisations involved in supporting people with disabilities.

Alan Bentley, Integrated Transport Manager at Gloucestershire County Council said, “This film is the first step on the path to improving transport for people with disabilities and people in general. The film shows the terrific way that people have got together to raise awareness of how we need to improve our services for marginalised people. There are many challenges ahead but we can start by doing what we do better! We don’t always need more money. We need to use existing money more effectively.”

Peter Alan, Training Officer for Stagecoach West committed to the film being used as part of the official training given to new drivers. It is hoped that other bus service providers will follow this positive lead.

Becky Cowley, the Better Bus Services Group Lead Project Worker, gave examples of some of the current difficulties people in the community face, such as being unable to use their bus passes at peak-times.

Nick Dale, a member of the group said, “By improving transport services for disabled people we are improving services for everyone”.

The Better Bus Services Group has played a key role in the film, alongside individuals with disabilities, Forest Pulse, Cotswold Volunteers, Lydney Dial-a-ride Gloucestershire County Council, Stagecoach, and Traveline South. The film can be found online at or on YouTube, or DVDs can be obtained from the Better Buses Group at Gloucestershire Voices.

The film was made by Heyweather Films, who have made a series of productions called Jubilant Stories, and was supported by Look Again and the Barnwood Trust. It was funded by the Community Inclusion Action Group at the Gloucestershire Learning Disability Partnership Board.

Photograph: The Better Bus Services Group celebrating the launch of ‘The Human Face of Transport’ film. © Ruth Davey/


  1. Photo credit © Ruth Davey/
  1. For more information please contact Becky Cowley, the Better Buses Lead Project Worker, at Gloucestershire Voices, on 01452 623120 or via email at
  1. The Better Bus Services group started as a focus group following members of Gloucestershire voices and others sharing difficult experience’s when using public transport. The group have continued to work with GCC transport manager and his team over the past two years. The group have been involved in making some important changes to the bus renewal pack and the online journey planner, and have developed a complaints form which is now ready for distribution across the county. The group are continuing to work on making bus timetables easier to read and the main aim for this year is to create a transport forum to enable a wider range of people to come together and improve transport services throughout Gloucestershire. Gloucestershire Voices is run by a Board of eleven Directors, nine of whom have Learning Disabilities. We have over five-hundred members, and run various projects and groups, including: Dramatic Change, Quality Checkers, Travel Buddy Scheme, Area Action Groups, Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Group and a Voting Project. People with Learning Disabilities are supported to be involved in the decision making process within Gloucestershire Country Council and the Learning Disabilities Partnership Board and other forums across Gloucestershire, with the aim of improving people’s lives.


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