Jeremy Irons at R4C press launch – the story in a nutshell

Posted on 04. Apr, 2017 by in Environment & Nature, Featured, Politics & Campaigns

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Jeremy Irons outlines the narrative leading to recent revelation of Javelin Park incinerator contract details in Gloucestershire. Tribunal transparency ruling has national implications and analysis of the long-hidden figures shows possible breaches of law and bad Value for Money for taxpayers.

Jojo of 38 Degrees Stroud writes:

  • The Javelin Park contract is anti-competitive and may be unlawful
  • Gloucestershire would save almost £4.7m per annum just by stopping the contract now and using alternative regional waste processing which has capacity already (and up to £10m if using best recycling technology)
  • Cancelling will be nearer £30m than the £100m feared – and that money is already available so won’t affect budgets

Irons also strongly emphasized the toxic nature of incineration and highlighted that this remains the most serious concern for residents given that 20,000 children go to school within a few miles of Javelin Park.  You can hear him on BBC radio here: (9 minutes in) and there is local coverage here: – no doubt more to come.

And clearly demonstrating that there is support from all corners of the political spectrum, TaxPayers Alliance spokesman Tom Banks expressed the TPA’s outrage at the situation in Gloucestershire – in particular the transparency scandal highlighted by the recent tribunal judgement. In no uncertain terms he underlined that for elected leaders to use public money to sit on information on how our taxes are being spent is completely unacceptable.

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