Jim Diers talking community; an introduction 1/5

Posted on 18. Nov, 2013 by in Community

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This film is the first of 5 films about community building. This looks at what is community? What makes for a good community? Plus a story about why two neighbourhoods in Chigago, which both faced a deadly heatwave, had very different death rates.

For other films go to: https://stroudcommunity.tv/stone-soup/

The films were made near Cirencester on a course with a group of community builders from Stroud and across the County (and indeed Birmingham and Croydon). To see the links to other films go to: COMING SOON

im Diers has kindly given permission to publish parts of his talk – the discussion and more is not part of this film but I hope it still gives a good flavour of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) and a great reminder to those of us fortunate enough to be on the course.

You can hear more about the projects in Gloucestershire from the Barnwood Trust: http://www.barnwoodtrust.org/

To find out more about You’re Welcome and see what’s happening near you visit www.yourewelcome.to

More about Jim Diers and the ABCD Institute at: http://www.abcdinstitute.org/faculty/diers/

More about ABCD: http://nurturedevelopment.org/

And a great blog about these issues: http://nurturedevelopment.wordpress.com/

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