Katie Smith’s X Factor Audition (Xtra Factor)

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This one’s from 2010! See the follow up 2010 audition on Stroud Community TV at: https://stroudcommunity.tv/katie-smiths-x-factor-audition-boot-camp-challenge/

iRyanJamesBrady: “Subscribe for the latest X Factor auditions in the UK and upcoming 2012 auditions, also follow us on twitter @iryanjamesbrady to keep up to date with the latest audtions, american auditions to come soon! Katie arrives at the Cardiff auditions having practiced a song sung by guest judge Pixie Lott! Not knowing she was going to be there, Katie doesn’t have any back up songs – so there’s a lot of pressure on the young girl. Will she be able to sing the song well and impress Pixie?

You can find Katie’s second audition here:

Go over to Katie’s channel and check out her other videos:

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