Knit-Pic at Prema – unrolling the scarf

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Here’s a film from Jaine Rose taken at Prema in Uley….this is what she writes about the project:

O.K, so why would I want to commit this random act of insanity?? My family ask me this all the time.

Well, it started last October when I rocked up to an anti nuclear demo at Hinkley – complete with my packed lunch, crochet hooks and bobble hat. I like a good day out. One thing led to another, and before you know it, I had singlehandedly scaled a 7 foot high barbed wire fence. My life would never be the same again…..

This was such an exciting day for me. The day I not only jumped a fence, but stepped over a line in my own head, that had been telling me that everything is o.k, play by the rules, behave. Everything is not o.k, and never more so have we needed acts of civil disobedience to send a clear message out to the waiting world: ENOUGH.

So here is my “why?”. The U.K Government is going to spend over £80 billion on renewing the Trident Nuclear warhead – yes, you did hear me right, that’s a lot of money at a time of financial austerity and recession. And you know what? The world has a global arms trade worth $1.74 trillion – woweee! The U.S military is the biggest single user of petrol, and this is why it has the biggest carbon footprint. Now, it doesn’t seem like rocket science to me – lets invest in people instead – lets move from a war economy to a green economy. Cut the military, address the root causes of violence, wars and terrorism. 

Alright, so we are not all front liners. But in my experience, knitters can be a feisty bunch. What we need now is action and hands! By picking up our needles and crochet hooks we are directly engaging in the idea of protest. 

Of having a voice. Of saying “listen up people, this is NOT what I want. Let’s change it”

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