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Trailer for six-part comedy thriller written and filmed in Stroud.  If you like the trailer, you can find the six episodes of Last Road Series 1 on YouTube, and their Facebook page here.

Chas Burns writes:

FOR almost 4 years Copywrongfilms has been working with over 100 Stroud residents to create a local based TV show. We first met up with Chas Burns and Joe Reeve back in May 2013 they started filming “Last Road” at Black Book cafe and have gone on to film their 6 episodes in many different locations and known venues in Stroud.

“The local businesses here in Stroud are incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to helping the community,” said Chas, “and after all, community is everything here.”

Chas and Joe have been incredibly diligent in helping Stroud to be more than just a picturesque tourist location. Joe has maintained a lengthy career as the one and only Elvis Impersonator to be found at the majority of Stroud events and all over the country.

Sadly, Joe had to take a side step from the more integral writing and huge demands of the series due to other commitments, leaving Chas to take the full responsibility of the production.

“It’s quite an achievement to actually take on something like this and with no budget I might add.” said Chas, “Quite a lot has happened over the last 4 years, divorces, marriages, deaths and births, and that’s just in the real world!”

So it’s no surprise that with Chas’ background; 7 years co-running a local theatre company that has toured all over the country, a casting agency for film & TV together with a professional drama academy, gave him the tools and knowhow to steer the ship.

Last Road’s story tells of Chris & Dave, two individuals who wear Stroud close to their hearts. Friends from childhood they run a local pest control business spending each day sitting in cafes considering their lives and how they could possibly put the world to rights. Directly after the millennium hit so did the disease. It started in the cities and spread across the country like wild fire. After a handful of years and the virus had taken its toll governing bodies found that Stroud, for one reason or another, would be the best testing ground to start to regenerate normal life. To stop any problem like this occurring again the government placed a fence around the District. Only one road out and one road in.
Something is wrong though, very wrong, and with a turn of events they find themselves deep in more trouble than either of them bargained for.

The entire story takes more twists and turns than a bag of fuselli. We’re not going to give any spoilers, suffice to say combine everything you know from other TV shows and put it all in a juicer and you’ll have something close.
And speaking of other shows, when you consider their budget Last Road is something Stroud might be proud of.

“Everyone from the area put a lot of time and effort in, and you can’t just let that go.” Said Chas, “From the very first episode it just got better and better. I guess I’ve made a name for myself in making sure things don’t slip into the back burner; I like to get a job done. And even though there’s a few bumps here and there, I’m immensely Stroud Proud of the show.”

So what now?

We are working on a new production set to film in October and welcome actors, writers, technical to come in and get on board.


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