Stroudwater Navigation – Lodgemore sidepond in old postcards

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PostcardRobert Paget writes; Angus Townley kindly agreed that some of his online collection of old postcards of Rodborough Fort (see top of hill in background), could be used in a forthcoming Cotswold Canals Trust film of Lodgemore, the new liftbridge and the background history of the canal construction there in the 18th century alongside mills dating back to the 16th century. The images tell such an interesting story that they warranted a brief display in their own right.  Constructed without a reservoir to supply the summit pound of the Stroudwater Navigation (Foundry lock to Wallbridge basin), although empowered to take unlimited water supply from the Slad Brook, when canal traffic was heavy, the sidepond (filled from the Painswick stream) was able to supplement canal levels. Water supply to the mill had to be uninterrupted, so the canal crossed the strong flowing stream by way of a siphon/culvert, and there was a long weir edge against the mill wall at the edge of the towpath, where the siphon emerged. The sidepond was also able to discharge excess water by way of another siphon under the canal and into the adjoining meadow towards the river Frome on the southern side of the valley.

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