Cllr Sarah Lunnon – Why Vote Green?

Posted on 27. Feb, 2015 by in Featured, Politics & Campaigns

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This evening Cllr Sarah Lunnon was selected as the Parliamentary spokesperson for the Green Party at their AGM. As the unopposed candidate she is expected to be confirmed within a couple of weeks as the Greens candidate in the General election. In this film she says why people could consider voting Green in the General Election this May. See more about Stroud District Green Party at:

Published and promoted by John Marjoram for Stroud District Green Party, both at 8 Castle Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 2HP.

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2 Responses to “Cllr Sarah Lunnon – Why Vote Green?”

  1. Bruce

    11. Mar, 2015

    Commendable but in my view naive. The current Stroud MP has not served Stroud, he is wonderful at introducing his Right Honourable Friends in the house. David Drew is not perfect, he would never claim to be. He would serve Stroud well if re-elected, he listens and is not bowed by “the big boys” in politics.
    The Greens will not be elected in Stroud, no matter how commendable they are. They will not form a Government, no matter how sensible and rational their policies may be.
    If Cllr Sarah Lunnon stands for Stroud MP, the current MP could well be elected to represent the few. Stroud will not get either candidate that could do better.
    Wishing and hoping will not get Stroud the MP we deserve. The coming election will be one of the strangest ever with SNP and Ulster MPs possibly having huge amounts of power. Sadly, The Green Party won’t be a thorn in the flesh of any major party.
    I wish the Greens in Stroud and Nationally well, they have many commendable ideas, I hope they don’t split the vote to get a Tory elected to represent Stroud. However we know that you will.

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    • Sarah Lunnon

      11. Mar, 2015

      Bruce, your argument if taken to its logical conclusion would never have seen birth of the Labour Party, or the SNP in Scotland. It condems us all to the politics of today and a choice of always voting for the lesser of two evils.

      Vote for Policies demonstrates just how popular the Green Party is, and as seen in Scotland when voters decide to vote for what they want the change is dramatic.

      No party owns a vote, if the Labour Party, with its support of the first past the post system can’t muster enough votes it will lose. Green voters want a green candidate not the least worst option.

      So if not now then when do we vote for what we want?

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