The Magic Skateboard!

Posted on 22. Sep, 2015 by in Arts, Featured

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Stonehouse and Stroud Video Unit have unearthed this film and made it available for us to watch. They write: ‘The Skateboard is “Magic” and has adventures with various people – then takes its friend Martin on the ultimate adventure. The Skateboard and Martin have common feelings of dejection and rejection. Martin rescues the skateboard, little does he realise what thrills are in store for him. It soon shows that it is not exactly what it seems……. Martin discovers that it has formed an unbreakable bond with him’.

Here are three more new films from Stonehouse and Stroud Video Unit:

Visions of the Future (Time Slip): two ‘teenagers from the past find themselves in the 21st Century and on into the future:

The Young Boy Lost (slightly scary for some?):

And a 27 minute film tribute to Lee Prescott’s dogs:

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