Mark Borkowski on Simon Cowell

Posted on 14. Mar, 2012 by in Arts, Business

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Mark Borkowski (born 1959 in Stroud) is a British PR agent and author with an interest in the history of public relations and the art of the publicity stunt. In this film he is interviewed by Alan Titchmarsh about Simon Cowell and brands.

You can see more from Mark on his channel including comments on Madonna’s adoption story, Susan Boyle, Gordon Brown and more at:

See article in Cotswold Life here. Here is quote from Mark Borkowski: “The real profiteers of infamy and fame are the people who own the franchises. Once it was the studios who needed the star collateral to bring these franchises alive. The modern day equivalent is Endemol [the company behind Big Brother] who sell the idea to a generation of kids that there’s a dream. They need breathless large personalities to buy into Big Brother, but what they don’t tell them about is the debris that fame can bring. I’m toying with the idea of going into schools with a ‘Say NO to celebrity’ campaign. Fame is a prefabricated heaven and an inescapable hell. People are looking for love and adoration, but the truth is, you simply don’t get that through fame.”

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