Mike Scott from the Waterboys with others ‘Hey Good Lookin’ @ The Albert

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An acoustic music session at “The Prince Albert” public house in Rodborough, Stroud, Gloucestershire UK, with Mike Scott from the Waterboys sitting in, here performing :”Hey Good Lookin”: A Hank Williams cover. featuring Johnny Barlow: Guitar and vocals and Anna Jenkins: Fiddle and vocals. Filmed by Matt Archibald – see more of his filming from the evening below:

More from the evening:

Crispin Thomas sings Stand By Me: https://stroudcommunity.tv/stroud-football-poet-crispin-thomas-sings-stand-by-me-the-albert/

Brilliant stuff here from Mike Scott (guitar) and Steve Wickham (fiddle) from the Waterboys, here enjoying the craic with an Irish tune, and some of The Albert regulars:http://youtu.be/OJiNPj5oLE4 and another http://youtu.be/YqZogoyAuG4 and http://youtu.be/fJVhEiR69bo

Herons on guitar (the person to his left is Mike Scott from the Waterboys) playing a cover of Sindy Lauper’s “Girls Just wanna Have Fun” (See Herons on Stroud Community TV by using the search box): http://youtu.be/7ra2qpOvKqA

Irishman Steve Wickham The Waterboys on fiddle, playing “Take This Hammer”: http://youtu.be/tA-pYS1pZ3s

Jazz Standard: “The Autumn Leaves” with special guest: Steve Wickham of The Waterboys on fiddle: http://youtu.be/3MUL7UBEh-w

Tom Jacobs on guitar and vocals, with Steve Wickham from The Waterboys sitting in, here playing a cover of “Take A Load off Annie”/”Take a load of(f) Fanny”: http://youtu.be/t1pXnMW8Z8U

Playing a gypsy jazz number featuring Steve Wickham on fiddle, and Crispin Thomas on table-top: http://youtu.be/hxh9KlZMiG4


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