How to be more deaf aware video 5 – ‘How to woo a lip-reader’

Posted on 19. Feb, 2015 by in Charity, Community, Featured

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In the future we dream of world peace, clean water for everyone and for us, universal deaf awareness. In this, our final deaf awareness video we explore the ways to ‘woo a lip-reader’ courtesy of Jeffrey and, well Jeffrey.

Jeffrey is from the future and he rather modestly is pretty darn deaf aware. Thanks to his know-how he is able to share with his past self the top tips for ensuring that for someone who is lip-reading is able to do so.

Enjoy our last deaf awareness video in the series and thank you for coming on our journey with us. Please do continue to share and watch the videos to help us in our mission to make at the very least, Gloucestershire the most deaf friendly county in the UK.

See part 4 and other films at:

For more information about being deaf aware contact the GDA office at or call 01452 372999.

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