my life in the sky

Posted on 15. Feb, 2018 by in Arts, Featured

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Contains swearing. Filmed by ‘Robyn Pete’: This is a film shot for straight 8 in 2008 – one super 8 cartridge, no editing. It’s about realising your self-imposed restrictions and making a simple choice to free yourself from them.

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  1. Robert Paget

    15. Feb, 2018

    Was this scanned to digitize?
    If so, what company did it?

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  2. Robyn Peté

    16. Feb, 2018

    Hi there! No it was shot in a room against a black background. It was in-house at WCRS.

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  3. Robyn Peté

    16. Feb, 2018

    Oh god sorry I thought you were referring to a different film, It was developed in Germany where the soundtrack was married to it. You can find out more at by emailing Ed Sayers who runs it.

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