No big cat DNA on Woodchester deer

Posted on 11. Feb, 2012 by in Environment & Nature, Featured

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This video looks at the DNA research being carried out by the University of Warwick on behalf of the National Trust on two deer carcasses found in Gloucestershire.

2 February 2012: Extensive DNA tests by experts at the University of Warwick on two deer carcasses found in Gloucestershire have not found any indication of a big cat presence. See National Trust press release here. Since then the National press have picked up on video footage by Stroud resident Coryn Memory who saw a small leopard-like Big Cat on 6 occasions and on one of those filmed for 20 minutes. To work out the animal’s size a second film was taken with a cut-out of a Big Cat at the spot where the “Beast Of Stroud” was filmed. That footage was then superimposed over the original. It showed the Big Cat was an estimated 6ft long and 2ft high to the top of its shoulder.

See also video on Cotswold TV here.


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