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Oscat is Listing
Stroud Telly News
August 2018

A paw-picked hour (or so) of Stroudish
filmic good stuff once a month,

Hello new viewers!

If this is your first newsletter: Hello! Or if someone else forwarded this to you, fish! That’s a fish you owe them. Mmm, fish. If they ask why, say Oscat said so, and then sign up for your own copy on our website.

We’re your station, the station for Stroud: Stroud Community TV. The online station for all of the Five Valleys, Brimpsfield to Uley, Haresfield to Avening.

We find and share short Stroudish films, films that are made in Stroud, about Stroud, about issues that are dear to our Stroudish hearts. Do you have a film you’d like to share?

It’s in the trees! It’s coming!

But it’s not That Bad Thing, it’s our 2019 Awards, the Stroudiest awards there are. We’re planning them for bang in the middle of the 2019 Stroud Film Festival, which’ll run from the 10th to the 24th of March next year.

You’ll love it (we do). There’ll be a wide range of films and film events, from classic features and award-winning new films, to work by local film-makers, workshops, a film challenge, and an immersive screening. Clear your diary…

Do Not Bend

You might’ve seen us share the teaser for Do Not Bend, Grant Scott and Tim Pellatt’s film about the remarkable and unique Bill Jay. We’re pleased to be able to tell you that you’ll be able to go to a free screening of the film on Friday 28th September in Cheltenham at the University of Gloucestershire. Keep an eye on the film’s website for details.

Laurie Lee sells cloth! Almost hit on the head with a rolling pin!

See what Oscat did there? Clever editing. Laurie Lee never went near a rolling pin, Cider with Rosie is famed for their absence. James Joyce? Never shut up about them. Laurie Lee? Nary a peep.

What Laurie Lee loved though was cloth. Stroud cloth, as this lovely 1951 film shared by the BFI shows. Mmm, cloth. Elsewhere on the BFI player, some clips of the inter-Stroud Games from 1967, as four Strouds come together as one to throw things and say We Are Stroud, y’all, cobber, eh?

Chris Packham at the Sub Rooms

Chris Packham packed out the Sub Rooms twice on 6th July, for Stroud’s Big Festival of Nature. Littlecrazyme was there at the back with a smartphone.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

No cat is an island

Oscat always needs help and ideas. If you think you know how we might improve Stroud Telly, or have ideas for things we should do, or can actually help, please get in touch.

We’d like you to help. Make films, then tell us you’ve made them. Show us where you’ve put them, so that we can help you share. Pass on our newsletter, get other people to read it, too. Help us reach the people of Stroud. Join us. Muck in. Tell us that you’re there to be called upon when we need a helping paw, which we do, sometimes. Doesn’t everyone?

Oscat loves films!

We’re all here to make Oscat happier, and Oscat’s never happier than when watching films. If you have a film you want to make, but don’t know where to start, message our community through our Twitter & Facebook pages. We know a lot of lovely & talented people.

Fish, fish, or fish?

It’s hard to choose favourites, and we don’t like to, but Oscat believes that you ought to watch these. Did Oscat choose well? Remember the ones you like for our next Awards.

Altogether now

This, this is football

Respect your elders…

Performance of the month

Martha James hits the heights

Thought of the month

 Say something nice or say nothing at all

Hidden gem

And breathe…

But don’t forget

We uploaded 26 other films this month. We can’t tell you about them all, so please follow the pawprints over to our website and see what you like.

Oscat is generous

Oscat believes you are all wonderful judges of filmic excellence. Please nominate a film from our archive that you think we should highlight to people just joining us.

This month: The Return of Stroud Raft Race (from 2016). Can anyone over (ahem) ‘a certain age’ watch it without hearing this?

I will follow… Lizzie Dean Makes

Sometimes we like to shout about someone who’s making a lot of films. This month it’s Lizzie Dean Makes. We like to think of her as the make, mend and grow channel dedicated to living a zero-waste life. Oscat always looks forward to her next project, but then: no thumbs! Fish is very consoling, but you, you have thumbs! Test out one of her tutorials today!

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