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Oscat is Listing: Stroud Telly News, July 2018

Welcome back! Or if this is your first newsletter: Hello! Or if someone else forwarded this to you, fish! That’s a fish you owe them. Mmm, fish. If they ask why, say Oscat said so, and then sign up for your own copy on our website.

Oscat Presents

Like a cooler, sleepier, furrier Danny Ocean, Oscat has added someone new to the gang…

Holly Anderson has lived in Stroud since childhood. She loves the town for its incredible views, higgledy piggledy streets and quirky characters.  She sees Stroud as a place where people create things and ideas, whether through art, craft, invention or activism. Consequently there are always interesting stories to find. Look for Holly boating along the canal and struggling with the locks with her family.

A mother of two, Holly volunteers teaching music to children. She loves their enthusiasm and creativity and ploughs it back into her work as a graphic designer. Holly would like to see more videos about music, science and vegan cooking. So if you’re planning to make anything along those lines, please get shooting!

Look out for her on SCTV’s Facebook and wherever you see Oscat.

It Really Does Start Earlier Every Year

And it’s already begun. Even as you read this minds are smouldering with Oscat’s vision for next year’s Stroud Community TV Awards. Do you have ideas? Oscat loves ideas! Oscat loves the little popping sounds they make as Oscat scent-marks them!

If you have ideas for how Oscat can make the Stroudiest awards in Stroud Stroudier, let Oscat know!

And Quite Right, Too!

Friend of the station and local film-maker Jimmy Edmonds was presented with the prestigious Churchill Medallion recently at a London award ceremony by photojournalist Nick Danziger.

The Medallion marked Jimmy’s successful completion of his overseas research as a Churchill Fellow, the research that went into his and his partner Jane Harris’s film on the many different ways bereaved parents respond to the death of a their child – A Love That Never Dies, which we’ve been following for many years.

Jane and Jimmy have gone on to found The Good Grief Project, a bereavement charity dedicated to helping people find ways to express their grief.

Oscat Wants More!

Sometimes we have a great big feast of a thing to share with you, but can only offer up a slice. Here’s something Oscat saw this month that you might like more of.

It’s the fabulous Fantasy Orchestra of Bristol. They were at the Brunel Goods Shed celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote.

We showed you their awesome take on Delia Derbyshire’s theme for Doctor Who, but they also performed Ivor Cutler’s Women of the World, and Connie Converse’s Trouble.

Oscat loves Doctor Who, and keeps fish on the TARDIS. Why do you suppose Doctor Six wore a cat badge?

No Cat is an Island

Oscat still needs your help and ideas. If you think you know how we might improve Stroud Telly, have ideas for things we should do, or can actually muck in, please get in touch.

Make films, then tell us you’ve made them. Show us where you’ve put them, so that we can help you share. Pass on our newsletter, get other people to read it, too. Help us reach the people of Stroud.

Join us. Tell us that you’re there to be called upon when we need a helping paw, which we do, sometimes. Doesn’t everyone?

Does anyone else hear the Lalo Schifrin music?

Oscat Loves Films!

We’re all here to make Oscat happier, and Oscat’s never happier than when watching films. If you have a film you want to make, but don’t know where to start, message our community through our Twitter & Facebook pages. We know a lot of lovely & talented people.

Fish, Fish, or Fish?

It’s hard to choose favourites, and Oscat doesn’t like to, but Oscat believes that you ought to watch these. Did Oscat choose well? Remember the ones you like for our next Awards.

“Tall trees like rattles lean…” Simple walks in the woods reveal surprises.

Dedication’s what you need… and a Stroud Telly mug.

The feet of the ancients wearing the shoes of the new. Stroud roots.

Performance of the Month

They are young, they are talented, they ska! They are Stroud.

Thought of the Month

There are better ways of dealing with the troubled young than pushing them down the path to a life of crime.

Hidden Gem

But Don’t Forget

We uploaded 39 other films this month. We can’t tell you about them all, so please follow the pawprints over to Oscat’s website and see what you like.

Oscat is Generous

Oscat believes you are all wonderful judges of filmic excellence. Please nominate a film from our archive that you think we should highlight to people just joining us.

This month: Ruskin Mill – Student Stories: Laura’s Story (from 2014). We like to think Stroud helps everyone find their place.

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