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Oscat is Listing: The SCTV News for June 2018

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It Starts Earlier Every Year

Do you read Oscat’s tweets? Of course you do. So you’ll have seen Oscat asking what categories we should have in our next Awards, the Stroudiest Awards there are.

Local filmmaker Jimmy Edmonds summed them up so: “There was no red carpet and no tuxedos, no massed ranks of photographers and no star spotters – neither was there a big name celebrity to clutch a golden statue to her breast before revealing the winner. But what there was, was pure Stroud.”

Let us have your ideas.

Transition Stroud Wants You!

Our friends at Transition Stroud want to commission films on what Stroud has achieved in promoting the public understanding of, and action around, climate change. And what more needs to be done. Do you have the skills? Do you have the knowledge? Could you even lead and produce films into existence? Contact Erik Wilkinson to find out more.

Oscat Wants More!

Sometimes we have a great big feast of a thing to share with you, but can only offer up a slice. Here’s two of the things that we saw this month that you might like more of.

Stroud Short Stories was made up of more than one story! We understand plurals. Oscat taught us, with fish! Organiser John Holland has uploaded the lot.

Hear and see Nastasya Parker, Rick Vick, Judith Gunn, Steve Wheeler, Val Ormrod, Jason Jackson, Joanna Campbell, Sarah Chapman and Nick Browne read their own words.

Little Red Riding Hood is much more than a few minutes long! See the entire performance at Stroud’s Sub Rooms by the Gloucestershire Symphony Orchestra and Lydia Kenny.

No Cat is an Island

Oscat still needs help and ideas. If you have suggestions for how we might improve Stroud Community TV, or for things SCTV should do, or can actually help, please get in touch.

Oscat Loves Films!

We’re all here to make Oscat happier, and Oscat’s never happier than when watching films. If you have a film you want to make, but don’t know where to start, message our community through our Twitter & Facebook pages. We know a lot of lovely & talented people.

Two of them are Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris. The BBC followed them as they made a feature-length documentary for the first time. Their film then took its bow at the Stroud Film Festival.

Fish, Fish, or Fish?

It’s hard to choose favourites, and Oscat doesn’t like to, but Oscat believes that you ought to watch these. Remember the ones you like for our next Awards.

I’m going to start my own club

There’s a buzz around town

Making stories makes sense

Performance of the Month

Thought of the Month

Hidden Gem

But Don’t Forget

We uploaded 50 other films this month. We can’t tell you about them all, so please follow the pawprints over to Oscat’s website and see what you like.

Oscat is Generous

Oscat believes you are all wonderful judges of filmic excellence. Please nominate a film from our archive that you think we should highlight to people just joining us.

This month: Dancing Chalford Donkey (from 2012). The Chalford Donkey styling some sick moves. Oscat has literally no idea what any of that means, but the kittens claim that it’s ‘well street’.

Oscat is Sociable, #StroudTV #OscatSCTV sort of a thing

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Write to Oscat! Oscat might yawn at you back…

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