Our Seventh newsletter: 1st October 2012

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Here are the highlights from the last month:

On Saturday 15th September, Stroud and District Access Group held the first Liberty Festival in Gloucestershire — to celebrate the abilities of people with disabilities, showcasing what we can do, rather than what we cannot do. We have a handful of films including this one of the highlights: https://stroudcommunity.tv/liberty-festival-highlights-of-the-day/

Olympic Gold Peter Reed at the Sub Rooms (another film of the tour to Nailsworth also available):

Fun film of Frocester Beer Festival:

Stroud’s Festival of Nature on 8th September: Glos Wildlife Trust presents….The Wind in the Willows by the Dreamshed Theatre Company and film about saving our water voles: https://stroudcommunity.tv/save-the-water-vole-glos-wildlife-trust-presents-the-wind-in-the-willows/
Plus a film about the installers fair organised by Transition Stroud: https://stroudcommunity.tv/the-installers-fair-festival-of-nature/

Great community project behind Boots in the HIgh Street: https://stroudcommunity.tv/the-new-community-kitchen-in-the-hidden-garden-of-stroud/

Inspiring community project in Wotton-under-Edge: https://stroudcommunity.tv/celebrating-real-voices-real-faces-real-lives/

‘Retreat’; a highly personal journey is re-enacted in reverse and reconstructed through film: https://stroudcommunity.tv/retreat/

Other films include a couple of highlights of Forest Green Rovers, some of the canal, wildflowers at Wallbridge, Dursley Zumba at Slimbridge, Keep Our NHS Public, Green woodwork at Ruskin Mill, a Community Choir and September in the garden with Rococo Garden

Stroud Fringe Festival 2012: nearly 30 films of the music including Patsy Gamle, Doreen Doreen and more at:
Plus there is more from Lark in the Park, Harry Jones, Mark Wilderspin, Irish Folk from Slimbridge and two great new tracks from Ceilidh-Jo Rowe.

Do sign up; we will be tweeting films added from the end of this month. Stroud Community TV @StroudTV

SAY NO TO TV! So here’s a TV Channel saying don’t watch TV? Perhaps I should explain more….see:

Wednesday 24th Oct Film Workshop: Learn what goes into the art of special make up effects with SFX makeup artists Max Van De Banks at The Guildhall, Gloucester: contact Guildhall for details.

SWITCH TO ECOTRICITY: Transition Stroud have teamed up with local green energy supplier, Ecotricity, who will donate up to £60 to Transition Stroud each time someone switches energy supplier to them and quotes either TRS1 or Transition Stroud. Changing to Ecotricity has two other benefits; firstly it supports the building and supply of green energy production and secondly at 250 employees they are the largest employer in Stroud bringing a significant footfall into the town. If you switch electricity we get £40; for changing to both electricity and gas we receive £60. So, if you’re thinking of changing supplier sign up with Ecotricity today, quote the code and know that you’re also supporting Transition Stroud.’ If you prefer to sign up over the ‘phone you need to quote ‘Transition Stroud’ or the source code ‘TRS1’. You can also sign up to TS newsletter at: http://www.transitionstroud.org/

STROUD COMMUNITY TV APPEAL FOR FILMS AND HELP: We are always after help! Adding films, making films and more. See: https://stroudcommunity.tv/get-involved/

Stroud Community TV is supported by Transition Stroud. Newsletter by Philip Booth, Director, Stroud Community TV

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2 Responses to “Our Seventh newsletter: 1st October 2012”

  1. Annie

    08. Oct, 2012

    Hi Phil, just an observation from myself and a few friends that the SC TV seems to be taken over by promo music events and very little else. I appreciate that you can only put on what is submitted but the shift from earlier in the year of a really diverse selection of films now seems to be rather boring in its content and taken over by a couple of the same videographers.

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  2. philip

    21. Oct, 2012

    Many thanks for comment – I do agree – I am hoping we can look at this issue with the team.

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