Paganhill Community Street Party 2017

Posted on 19. Jun, 2017 by in Community, Featured

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UPDATE 17th MARCH 2018. This film was a winner in the Stroud Community TV Awards – see more about the Awards 2018 at:

Paganhill Community Street Party 2017 – Saturday 17th June at Archway Gardens; a community party organised by residents who are hoping this will lead to more conversations about what can happen in the neighbourhood. See more at:

I can’t believe we missed Jacqueline Smith off teh credits – she was one of the key organisers!! Film thrown together by Philip Booth, whose family live in the area; big thanks to all who agreed to be in the film and apologies to those  missed.

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Director and Co-Founder of Stroud Community TV

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  1. Thanks Philip, a really lovely film of our first event.

    19. Jun, 2017

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  2. Jacqueline Smith

    19. Jun, 2017

    Thanks Phillp, a really lovely film of our first event on Paganhill. You have captured what was a happy and fun event and we hope the first of many.

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