Painting large abstract art; using drag and smooth techniques by Swarez

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Swarez2015 Nominations-Best Local Business filmWe are delighted to note that this film has been nominated by the public as one of the best Stroud Business films in 2015. See more about Stroud Community TV Awards 2015 here.

One of our judges, the BBC’s Faye Hatcher, said: “This video grabs you! Nice use of music. Visually exciting! It’s simple and effective…”

Here’s Stroud-based artist Swarez: ‘Watch as I start the process of creating a 200cm square abstract painting called ‘High Hopes’. This is the first of three sessions caught on camera and demonstrates the use of the drag and remove method as well as a selection of smoothing and dragging tools and other painting techniques’. See more Swarez here.

See his website here:

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  1. David Munroe

    10. Feb, 2016

    Awesome artwork from a very talented artist. Ive been following his work and staying inspired by it for a long time.

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