Panama Papers and the UK – Molly Scott Cato MEP

Posted on 13. Apr, 2016 by in Business, Featured, Politics & Campaigns

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South West Green MEP Molly Scott Cato gives a scathing overview of the role David Cameron and the UK government have had in allowing the scandal of tax havens to proliferate in British Overseas Territories, and their watering down of EU measures to tackle tax avoidance by multinationals.

Filmed in European Parliament plenary, 12/04/16. Find out more about Molly’s work on Tax Justice at and why the West Country is Greener IN at

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2 Responses to “Panama Papers and the UK – Molly Scott Cato MEP”

  1. Chris Gardiner

    14. Apr, 2016

    We should take very careful notes on exactly how David Cameron and people like him have moved to keep their money private.
    The inequalities of today are larger than ever in history. The inheritors of today can live off the wealth of ancestors they know little of. Nine tenths of us inherit so little that no matter how hard we work we may never be able to build a pension pot or buy a house.
    Although we may not like it the boasts of David Cameron and George Osborne about closing loophole is partly down to the fact that they come from families who understand loopholes very well. Their boast that Brown, Blair and others did nothing is true because these people did not know what could be done.
    So build up a list of actions that could be taken because such a list can win elections and more importantly save our economy from stagnating completely.
    We must work to ensure that never again is a leader so clueless that he seeks to help people by freezing the price of electricity. Those of us who understood history know exactly why freezing the price of bread was a useless gesture by the French aristocracy which led to them being executed.
    Huge inheritance is the poison which must be stopped. It is not the poor that have too many bedrooms but the wealthy who inherit them that cause the problem.

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  2. Philip

    14. Apr, 2016

    Worth also seeing series of films from talk in Stroud in 2012 by John Christensen:

    Pages 50/51 of Green manifesto from last year have some interesting proposals:

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