Parallel Plains: short film by Stonehouse and Stroud Video Unit

Posted on 27. Sep, 2017 by in Arts, Featured

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Stonehouse and Stroud Video Unit write: Although we are in the present time—as we know it—there could be, probably are, any number of parallel universes, parallel plains of existence coinciding with our own but with different time lines. These have at times interconnecting “portals”. Over 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ said to the then far less advanced people than us: “In my Father’s House are many mansions…etc….” (Bible: John chapter 14. V2 : 3). Currently Professor Stephen Hawking has put it: “There are, must be, Parallel Universes”. Parallel Plains of existence…. A ‘Teenage boy, Jason, encounters something that is totally beyond his comprehension and ours!………..

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