Pasture Fed – a future model for food production

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Exclusive film to Stroud Community TV with kind thanks to

This very interesting video features farmer John Turner, who has been working with Stroud’s John Meadley on an almost daily basis over the last two years in setting up the Pasture-fed Livestock Association. They have developed the standards and the website as well as the QR barcode system.  John provides a fascinating description of what underlies the system in relation to the Transition movement – it also looks at how we can feed the world’s growing population. The BRAND (PASTORAL) and the strap line (pasture-fed for life) came to John in a flash whilst at a concert at Marling School one evening!

See more great videos about this exciting new development in farming at:

Tony’s Butchers in Kendrick Street was the first butchers in the country to supply Pasture-Fed cuts of beef bearing the “Pastoral” mark. Tony is one of the Founding Members of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association and has been a staunch supporter of the values behind the Pastoral symbol since our very first meeting.

You can see where to buy meat and more at the Pasture Fed Livestock Association:


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