Purton Boat Graveyard – Lisa Gerrard

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Morturn writes in 2008: ‘The Purton Hulks site is a must see site, not only does the River Severn have it’s own weather system, it also has it’s own atmosphere, and the only way to experience it is to go there. The site has been used to hulk vessels following a call by the Canal Companies Chief Engineer a Mr A. J. Cullis to reinforce the narrow strip of land between the river and canal following a major rotational slump which took place to the north of the site in 1909. it is the finest collection of small wooden ships in the country, with remains of Barges, Trows and Schooners that were “hulked” to prevent erosion of the Sharpness Canal from the River Severn. These wooden ships represent the birth of British industry supplying coal to the blast furnaces of Ironbridge and then transporting finished good around the world. Some of these Hulks are over 110 years old and are a monument to those long dead ship builders and a way of life long gone.’

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