Randwick Runner’s 50th Birthday

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Is the Randwick Runner the longest running weekly news in the world? This short film covers the 50th Anniversary party plus highlights from speeches and some of the voices of those involved with this ‘great Randwick institution’.

Here’s how the Runner reported it:

Yes fifty not out! about ninety folk of all ages filled the village hall on Sunday last to celebrate, to the day, fifty years production of our village newsletter. The Randwick Runner started in July 1962 the then vicar the Rev and Hon Nial Morrison had the vision that a weekly newsletter would help bring people together by providing a means of communication as to what was going on in our village. It has not happened just by magic. Lots of people over the years have had an input towards its production . there is and always has been a team of people prepared to put themselves about mostly free of charge to ensure its continuation. Editors, printers distribution managers and the distributors who deliver it to our doors alike continue to do their part irrespective of the weather. Of course we have to thank all those folk who take the trouble to provide the raw materials, information, reports, letters, comments, dates for forthcoming events, church news, birthdays etc, etc.

There is no doubt the village would be the poorer without The Runner. How could a team of workers have been marshalled so quickly who contributed to the Great Bunting Bib. Followed by a weekly bulletin regarding the progress of that event . I could go on. On Sunday we were blessed and again by good weather as indeed, during this particularly wet period, was the cheese rolling, the wap and the queens jubilee events – someone must be watching over Randwick.

On behalf of all those folk who read The Runner I would like to thank all those who organised the celebration event. Stan Giles and Calvin Williams did an excellent job by providing amusements and activities on the playing field for lots of children. The Baking Belles (the catering of the Bell Ringers) did a splendid job providing drinks and goodies for all. Di Giles organised all the balloons and blew most of them up herself – what an amazing pair of whats its – oh yes, lungs she has.

We had speeches from chairman John Newman, Mayor Ruth Rickman-Williams and Brian Stanley who gave us an amusing statistical account of the total time spent  producing fifty years worth of Runners; nine years out of fifty ? I believe. We were honourerd by the presence of four ex-editors; Sheila Bliss, Mark Newman, Peter Jones and Margaret Smith(thirty three years in one part or another). The Mayor (Ruth R-W) proposed a toast with bubbly to ‘fifty years at The Runner’ to which there was hearty agreement and the hope expressed for another fifty years. Carl Mein had made an excellent job of the celebration cake which was cut by the Mayor and Mrs Shiela Morrison together and distributed to all present. I am sure the Rev Morrison would have been very pleased and delighted how his idea has been perpetuated for so long, he probably is. A.S.


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