Randwick Wap 2012; procession, cheese rolling, history and more

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SCTV-nominations-Best Community Event filmRandwick Wap 2012. This 20 minute film by Philip Booth covers a host of interviews with key Wap personalities, the Wap procession, cheese rolling, music, dance, stunt driving and other events, stalls and more.

Huge thanks to all in the film and all who made this event possible – apologies for those I’ve missed but camera batteries and my own ran out of steam.

Several further films from the day:

Another view of the Wap by Matt Archibald: http://youtu.be/9kqm8vbeVG4

More about the Help a Hedgehog Hospital: https://stroudcommunity.tv/help-a-hedgehog-hospital-brimscombe-randwick-wap/

The Mayor’s song in full with words: https://stroudcommunity.tv/the-mayors-song-randwick-wap-2012/

See Randwick Wap website here.


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3 Responses to “Randwick Wap 2012; procession, cheese rolling, history and more”

  1. Simon Vincent

    14. May, 2012

    Hi Phil, thank you for posting this wonderful video of The Randwick Wap. I’m sorry that we didn’t catch up during the day but I think Stan Giles spoke for us all superbly in his piece. It was a very special day and hugely successful for all concerned. So many happy people make all the hard work so worthwhile. I hope you enjoyed being there too. Roll on next year.

    All the best

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  2. Kay Badham

    14. May, 2012

    As someone who has lived in Townsend for 30 odd years, currently exiled to Ecuador, I have never had such a wonderful view of the Randwick Wap! Thank you Philip, for making and posting this video, and thanks to everyone for organising what was obviously a fantastically successful Wap Day. I hope we can be involved in next year’s event. Well Done to everyone involved.

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  3. Sue Tomlinson

    14. May, 2012

    This is fantastic Phil, the best Wap coverage I have ever seen, you have captured the whole feeling of the day in this short and interesting film
    Thank you

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