Richard Wilson discusses “Anti-hero”

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Richard Wilson, who has a base in Stroud, talks with Alex Howard about his new book and the future of leadership. The film is made by who have a whole range of other fascinating talks.See also on Stroud Community TV a short film re this issue:

Conscious2 write about this film:

Highlights include:

0:58 – What is an anti-hero?

2:18 – The closer I got to power, the less impressed I was by the people in power

3:26 – The world we live in likes a black and white interpretation

4:31 – The macro is a reflection of the micro

5:20 – Nobody is in charge

8:15 – Leaders are judged on what they do, but we forget the bad things they avoid doing

10:14 – How do we breed more anti-heroes?

13:05 – We need leaders that are sensitive AND resilient

16:18 – The heroic ideal

16:50 – Information learning vs transformative learning

18:06 – Suboptimal leadership development

19:48 – Experts tend to know an awful lot about not very much, anti-heroes tend to know not very much about an awful lot

Richard Wilson is a director of OSCA leading the public participation and leadership development work programs. He has over 15 years experience supporting change in large institutions such as the UNDP, OECD, BBC, EC, Bupa, the NHS, Cisco and numerous local and national governments around the world. He is currently a UN Adviser working in the Middle East, a Clore Social Fellow and an associate of the innovation consultancy IDEO.

In 2004 Richard founded Involve ( the public participation charity dedicated to empowering people and strengthening democracy. Before that he worked at The Environment Council and Sussex and Exeter Universities. Richard has been directly involved in the policy making process internationallyl, writing a number of white papers for the UK government and being the deputy chair of the UK Governments ScienceWise Centre and director of the UK’s National Resources & Waste Forum.

Richard has written numerous publications including Anti Hero, Civic Limits and People and Participation. Richard facilitated the largest conferences of the French and Swedish EU Presidencies; the EC’s Digital Agenda Assembly and the Mobile World Congress. Each event had over 1,500 delegates. Richard speaks at around 30 events a year and was winner of Best Presenter at the 2014 Market Research Society Awards.

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