Rosary School Year 6 Balloon release

Posted on 18. Jul, 2014 by in Featured, Kids

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Film from Chris Strode of Rosary School Year 6 Leavers Party and Balloon release with great aerial shots of Stroud. See also film about Rosary School :

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  1. philip

    24. Jul, 2014

    Note from Stroud Community TV: As regular viewers know we have a policy of publishing “positive or constructive comments on this site”; we have had two comments that make the same point about this video raising concerns regarding the impact of balloons in the environment. This is clearly an important issue and we welcome info that notes many environmental organisations are now opposing balloon releases.

    That info may well be useful to many who might be planning another balloon release event – certainly I am aware from some people that I’ve spoken with that they have not considered that balloons might have a significant negative impact. It is great to open up that debate.

    In this case it appears to have been a fun occasion with children celebrating leaving Primary School – and a great film of the event that captures the balloons in the air and the childrens’ joy. Many of our activities have an impact on the environment from driving cars, the clothes we wear, the food we eat etc etc – with good info we all can have an opportunity to work towards living more lightly on this planet.

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