Ruscombe Chapel and School Room; looking to the future

Posted on 04. Feb, 2018 by in Environment & Nature, Featured

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The Chapel closed last September. The Parish Council and the Ruscombe womens group have contacted the Congregational Federation to show interest in acquiring the Chapel and land. The Federation have informed Stroud District Council of their intention to sell and the Parish Council have 6 weeks to declare interest and then 6 months to put in a bid to the Federation before it goes onto the open market. This film was made on an open day for Ruscombe and Whiteshill villagers to visit the chapel. I was only able to attend for 40 mins so this is just a taster; there were lots of people attending and some strong interest in keeping the Chapel and School Room as a community asset. In this film there are just some of those voices….

This is an opportunity for us as a village community to build a joint vision of what we would like to happen with that space and what we could all contribute in realising that vision. For more info contact the Parish Council:

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