Ex-Ruskin Mill’s student promotes fair treatment for people with a learning disability

Posted on 17. Aug, 2013 by in Charity, Featured

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Fixers Learning Difficulties story on ITV News West Country, August 2013. Fixers UK channel writes: “Fixers Aaron Simon (20) and Anthony Ray-Smith (21)  feel the negative stereotypes against people with learning difficulties are old-fashioned and incorrect. This story about their campaign was shown on ITV News West Country (E) in August 2013.”

The Fixers movement is growing fast. Right now, across the UK, Fixers are making their voices heard and tackling the issues that fire them up. This short film tells the Fixers story… so far. So watch what we’ve done already, take a look at some of our videos to find out more and get in touch to keep the Fixers movement growing.  And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel today to see all of our newest films and the broadcasts shown about Fixers on ITV1 each month.


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