Sacred Music Festival 2017 is coming!

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Get your tickets now…See details and programme for the Stroud Sacred Music Festival at:

Why are we involved in this Festival? Girish Patel writes….

How often do we ask the questions, “Why am I doing the things that I am doing?” “What is my true motivation?” For day to day activities to do with working to pay the bills, maintaining where we live, travelling to places to do with leisure and family etc, the question can be answered quite easily.

How about the other things that we do as an interest or service to others? Let me put this to you . . . by a process of some straight forward analysis, it is very likely that you will find that we do most things in search of ‘self-happiness’ or better still and nearer to the truth, in search of ‘blissfulness’. The reason for this, is that we are wanting to return to our “home”. Return to our true nature. Our true nature is “absolute bliss”.

There is nothing in the physical world that can come close to our true nature. Huge amount of wealth cannot lead us to our true nature of ‘bliss’. Surrounded by people that really love us, will not lead us to our true nature of ‘bliss’. Only a deep connection with ourself can wake us up to realising that we are ‘Bliss’. When we fully realise this truth, our day to day activities take on a new meaning and a new attitude . . . even though we may need to keep doing most of these things that we do.

So, when you offer your support to Stroud Sacred Music Festival and other activities around this, please remember to do what you do because you believe in the non-judgemental connections that happen in our heart. When we are absorbed in the vibrations of the music or the awe inspiring scene of art, we step out of the ego mind and feel the connection of the hearts.

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