In Time (live) by Saskia Griffiths-Moore

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Stroud’s Saskia Griffiths-Moore is an emerging independent English artist. Her song, ‘In Time’ was written in Devon whilst her debut album ‘Gentle Heart’ was being recorded (available on Fortunately ‘In Time’ just made it onto the album just ‘in time’! This live version was recorded soon after by Owly Dave ( at the Barn Owl Trust (

Note on the Barn Owl Sessions: Kindly recorded with the permission and help of the Barn Owl Trust near Ashburton. The beautiful tree pictured behind Saskia is a memory tree, en-leaved with the names of people who have passed on but left something to the trust. To find out more about their wonderful work you can visit their website here:

Lyrics are:

Stop fooling child, you’ve many years before you. Many transitions to go through, nothings the same don’t you know.
That most of us here, have spent the whole of our lives, desperately trying to find, our ways back in time.
And letting it go, is not very hard to do. But it seems that only the few, find that they are able to.
You see time rambles on, taking us all in it’s arms. Cherishing your loved ones, and letting them pass on in their own time.
In their own time. In time, time, time, in their own time, in time, time, time.

Of all of my friends, some faces I will see again, and some aren’t around anymore, but that is a natural law.
There’ll be many more, but none like the one from before, I’ll remember his name evermore, though I’m letting his memory go and I’ll travel on.
In my own time, in time. In my own time, time. In my own time, time, in my own time, in time, time.

So on with the new, who’s telling what’s coming for you. Bring on the hard and the true, I shall not go looking for you even though I have half a mind to.
But we’ve all got work to do, and eternity to go through, in our own time, in time.
In our own time. Time. In time, time. In our own time, time. In time, time, time, time.

For more info see:

Copyright Saskia Griffiths-Moore 2015

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