‘Say Their Name’ by Beyond Goodbye and The Compassionate Friends

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SCTV-winner-best local filmPlease go to their website to see more – click here. See also Vicky Temple writing in Stroud Life about this film here.

BEYOND GOODBYE productions are proud to announce the launch of their new film SAY THEIR NAME, a promotional video made for THE COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS.Along with the launch of the new Compassionate Friends website SAY THEIR NAME was screened at the invitation of Baroness de Souza and Baroness Sue Miller at the House of Lords on Tuesday July 9, 2013.

THE COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS is a wonderful UK charity that supports families after the death of a child.  What makes it particularly special is that it is made up exclusively of bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents and so offers true peer to peer support when the worst happens.

SAY THEIR NAME (16 minutes) has been produced by BEYOND GOODBYE, a new video production company started by Chalford film makers Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris who’s own son Joshua died in 2011.

Sequence 1 10100504 copyThe producers said:  SAY THEIR NAME is, we believe, the only film available in this country, in which grieving parents and siblings have been able to speak openly, candidly and in public about the devastating experience of the death of their child.   It provides an invaluable insight into what many have described “as any parents worst nightmare” and will give comfort to the newly bereaved, and understanding to their friends and family.”

Photo: Jannet Mathers’ daughter Jessica died in 2007

After Joshua’s death in a road accident in Vietnam, Jane and Jimmy (who live in Chalford, Gloucestershire) made a video about his funeral and built a website BEYOND GOODBYE to honour his memory.  A year later The Compassionate Friends asked if they were ready to make a short video to promote the charity.  Now using their combined talents as filmmaker (Jimmy is a Bafta award winning television editor) and therapist they have developed BEYOND GOODBYE as a video production unit tasked with helping to promote the work of similar charities and non profit organisations.   For this they are more than adequately qualified.  On both professional and personal levels they both have a deep affinity with those who have suffered life’s most painful experiences as well as an intense curiosity as to how we might survive them. 

See the inspiring award winning film, ‘Beyond Goodbye’: https://stroudcommunity.tv/beyond-goodbye-very-moving-and-inspiring-film/   

becki FFProducing SAY THEIR NAME has they say marked a new beginning for them since their son died. Jane Harris explains: “When Josh died our lives fell apart, and while families and friends did their best to help, they couldn’t really understand what we were going through.  We then discovered that whenever we talked about Josh it seemed like we were breaking some kind of a taboo.  There were awkward silences whenever we mentioned his name and it really did feel like we should be more ‘private’ in our grief.  Meeting and talking with other bereaved parents changed all that”

Photo: Becki Josiah talks about her daughter Billie who died in 2005

Central to the video’s message is the idea that one never really ‘moves on’ from the death of a child in the way one might from the death of an elderly person and that to avoid mentioning the child’s name (for fear of upset) is actually very hurtful for the bereaved relatives, leaving them feeling isolated and lacking in confidence.

After viewing the film for the first time, CLAUDIA HAMMOND (presenter of BBC Radio 4’s  ALL IN THE MIND) said:“A lot of bereaved parents will relate to this and for the rest of us gives us some clues as what not to say to someone who’s just lost a child, such as “we’ve decided you should have another baby.  Such a moving film. Very sad, but very powerful.”

What comes through in a compelling series of interviews is not only the complex mix of emotions experienced after the death of a child, but just how important finding out about The Compassionate Friends has been.  The massive support available from others who have walked the same journey, and the common loss that fosters new friendships can be life changing.

Further information about BEYOND GOODBYE PRODUCTIONS: http://beyondgoodbye.co.uk/

More about The Compassionate Friends at: http://www.tcf.org.uk/

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