SCTV News: May 2018

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Oscat is Listing: The SCTV News for May 2018

Oscat has a New PA!

After 6 inspirational & inspired years creating and developing Stroud Community TV and its annual Awards, Philip is stepping back from the day-to-day of our very local station leaving the place in the capable paws of Oscat…

So Oscat’s headhunted a new PA. It wasn’t difficult. Cake was offered. Let’s let Dmytro speak for himself.

I’m a Coventry kid born and bred, and grew up surrounded by houses and chickens. As a boy I ran races with my dog, drew pictures of starships, lived in cinemas, and dreamt of trees.

I could never decide what to do at school, so ended up at university doing physics… where I still ran races, drew pictures, lived in the cinema, and dreamt of trees.

I escaped physics for a job as an editor, which until I started writing was the best job I ever did: helping people invent books.

Now editing’s the sort of job where people always ask you whether (or when) you’re going to write a book yourself. Eventually I did. I started writing and now won’t stop. (People say it’s annoying.)

One moonlit night on a street corner in Vienna I was recruited to become Oscat’s PA. Or was it while punting on the Granta?

Anyway, here I am. Be kind and join in. Let’s emphasise the Community in SCTV.

We Knew Them When…

Mike Beckingham’s doing well. We met Mike in our early days of getting established, and he was very supportive. Next step: an Oscat nomination!

No Cat is an Island

Oscat still needs help and ideas. If you have suggestions for how we might improve Stroud Community TV, or for things SCTV should do, or can help look after our Facebook account, then please email

Oscat Loves Films!

It’s only a couple of months since Oscat’s last awards ceremony and already he’s nagging for more! If you have a film you’ve made in the Five Valleys, are making, or want to make, tell us and we’ll share it when it’s ready.

If you have a film you want to make, but don’t know where to start, message our community through our Twitter & Facebook pages. We know a lot of lovely & talented people.

We’re all here to make Oscat happier, and Oscat’s never happier than when he’s watching films.

Oscat Selects

It’s hard to choose favourites, and Oscat doesn’t like to, but Oscat still reckons that you ought to see these. Remember the ones you like for our next Awards nominations.

The things you can see if you look

Poetry isn’t just wretchedly-sad young men, those are just the poster boys

Sometimes it’s just nice to watch the moment when someone becomes a fan

Performance of the Month

Tearing it up: Texas Tick Fever

Thought of the Month

Informed consent and debate is basically civilisation

Hidden Gem

It doesn’t get Stroudier than this

But Don’t Forget

We uploaded 26 other films this month. We can’t tell you about them all, so please follow the pawprints over to Oscat’s website and see what you like.

Oscat is Generous

Oscat believes you are all wonderful judges of filmic excellence. Please nominate a film from our archive that you think we should highlight to people just joining us.

This month: A teenagers’ guide to Stroud (from 2015). There’s just soooo much to do…

Oscat is Sociable

Oscat loves to hear from you! Follow us on Twitter @StroudTV

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About Dmytro Bojaniwskyj

I escaped physics for a life messing with words. On a moonlit street corner in Vienna I was recruited to become Oscat's PA. Or was it while punting on the Granta?

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    02. Jun, 2018

    I have lived in Ruscombe for 20 years and have been involved with video recording music /drama performances at local schools for this period of time.
    I am film archivist for the Jet Age Museum recording events and peoples’ memories of working for Gloster Aircraft Co.
    I have followed SCTV since its inception and wish you well for the future.
    Philip has been a great inspiration to SCTV and provided a wonderful film archive of events and projects in the Stroud Valleys.
    Long may this continue and inspire the younger media students to maintain the tradition.

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