seed festival @ Hawkwood

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SCTV-noms-2013-community events filmA short film capturing some of the highlights of Seed Festival 2013 @ Hawkwood College, Stroud 06 Jul 2013. Film by Philip Booth.

Seed Festival 2013 – Planting Big Ideas – Musicians, Poets, Artists, Movers and Shakers, Inspiring Eco speakers and YOU! The Seed Festival inspires a more intimate and personal connection with our living world and our place within it. Create * Debate * Celebrate.

See Satish Kumar on the Big Green Chair here.

And Helen Browning in the Big Green Chair:seed-festival-slider8-980x360

And Mac Macartney on the Big Green Chair:

And Polly Higgins on the Chair:

Also on Stroud Community TV from last year – Eradicating Ecocide talk at the Sub Rooms Stroud:

More about Hawkwood College at:

About SeedFestival:

• Eco art to inspire and enliven
• Information and revealing facts and truths that provide us with great information
• Life skills to resource us for changing times
• Time in nature to relax, recharge and connect
• All these combine to give us what we need to act to support our love of nature

Seed Festival is generously supported by Rathbone Greenbank Investments, specialists in ethical and sustainable investment. More about the Festival with photos at:

Also on Stroud Community TV – Eradicating Ecocide talk at the Sub Rooms Stroud:

“I am so glad you are  celebrating at the Seed Festival. When I started Navdanya the seed saving movement,where ever I went to collect native seeds, there were seed festivals. Living seed is celebrated as the source of life. Non renewal seed has become  commodity. Living seed is life. “Bija”-the seed-in Sanskrit means that from which life arises again and again in perpeptuity from within. In the little seed is all its past evolution ,and all its future unfolding.In it are all its relations, with the sun, the soil, the bees, the butterflies, the farmers, gardner, child who saved it and planted it with love.I am with you in the spirit of seed freedom.Do join the movement to save non GMO, non industrial, seeds that are not patented.” Dr. Vandana Shiva
“All and everything emerges from out of a seed. Seed is the name of the potential. From a very small seed emerges the very large redwood or banyan tree and then they become a seed again. Seed is the symbol of the cycle of life and symbol of time.  If we take care of the seed the seed will take care of us all.  In all of us there is a seed of great potential – that is our quest.” Satish Kumar

“One of the most important things we can do is envision the new – a skill that the Western world has largely forgotten. It is our artists who can take us to a place where we can create a vision so beautiful that others will follow”. Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer

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