Setting Up The Great Golden Gong

Posted on 15. Dec, 2016 by in Arts, Featured

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bear-love-poster-1This very short film is ‘Setting Up The Great Golden Gong’ in Stroud – one of the world’s largest gongs! On Sat 19th November the gong arrived for a ‘sound journey’ fundraising event for Stroud’s Sacred Music Festival. Bear Love who leads the sound journey, or gong bath describes it as an opportunity to experience a state of deep relaxation. The gong produces frequencies which cause the human body to resonate in harmony, and this helps to effectively clear the mind.

Interview with Bear Love about the gong and his work:
See more about the Sacred Music Festival at:

Bear Love says: “In the modern electronic world of compressed sound and MP3s, we are not accustomed to experiencing the gentle, full spectrum of sound, which comes from standing behind the world’s largest symphonic gong. It is literally beyond words – it vibrates inner organs, quietens the mind and transports us somewhere else, somewhere beautiful.”

Film by Philip Booth

About Philip

Director and Co-Founder of Stroud Community TV

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