Shamanic Trance Dance

Posted on 02. Mar, 2012 by in Arts, Health

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An ancient ritual tradition used by indigenous cultures as a means of opening up and accessing inner wisdom. Before entering the journey the participant formulates an intention. What do i wish to gain from this experience? What would i like to resolve? Trusting that the intuitive, subconscious mind knows allows the body to offer its own felt response, free of conditioned pattern based responses.

Blindfolded the mover is guided by the drum and other instruments in to deep trance, moving from a place of thinking to a place of being. This amorphous space offers the potential for perspectives to change and horizons to expand.

This 10 minute documentary piece shot on location at The Space in Stroud explores one movers journey as he encounters himself through the dance. Produced by Stroud resident Nikki Simpson – for more information at and

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