Sheltering Lies – Lensmen

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Stroud band Lensmen write: Sheltering Lies; first track off the new EP. Get yours here……

Film by FJ McClafferty

Scared of Swimming is Lensmen’s debut EP recorded using a heady mix of studio and mobile recording techniques. Produced and edited by drummer Jason Wilkinson, the tracks evolved into Gothic masterpieces making use of late night quiet, free download software and a pair of borrowed B&W monitors. The resulting EP brings to the fore the poetic roots of Alun Hughes’ lyrics which pursue and confront some of the bitter truths that affect and infect our daily lives. Lensmen’s oeuvre is not an easy ride, they want you to listen, absorb and form an opinion. Now is not the time to lay waste to our hard won ideals, now is not the time to give up that fight. With a musical core that consists of Gavin McClafferty on Bass, Jason Wilkinson on drums Richard Pead on guitar and Daniel Fisher on keyboards Lensmen seek to clear out complacency maintaining the tradition of Agit Prop. Enjoy credits released November 21, 2017 Recorded at DB Studios, Stroud May 2017 Miixed and Produced by Lensmen Engineered by Andrew Butler Mastered at Optimum, Bristol Cover image Isa Clee-Cadman all rights reserved Lensmen 2017.

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