Sir William Romney’s School Lipdub – Don’t Stop Me Now!

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Many Five Valleys young people can be seen in this film. Sir William Romney School, Tetbury writes:

For one day all 500 students and staff took part in a Lip Dub — a new craze which involves students lip syncing Queens song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ to a videoed tour of the school. This was a student led project that was a huge success thanks to the contagious enthusiasm that swept through the school.

‘I was delighted by the way in which everyone in the school community threw themselves into the project. It confirmed what I knew already that our school is a warm and welcoming community, that offers new and exciting opportunities to enrich the curriculum for all our students .’
Miss K Hopson, Assistant Head teacher
After seeing Lip Dubbing sweep across the USA, students were keen to adapt this concept to our school. Students highly skilled in Music, IT, production and organisation came forward, planning, executing and editing the final cut.

‘This provided a fantastic opportunity for our talented students to enhance skills and areas of interest outside of the everyday curriculum. I was amazed by the quality of the final Lip Dub video and by the dedication and commitment of the students involved.’ Mrs T Lynham, Gifted and Talented Coordinator

A core team of three students took on the task of organizing, filming and editing the Lip Dub: Jed Palmer, Will Mustoe and Joseph Sharpe.

‘The Lip Dub allowed me to use skills that I would not normally use in school, building on directing, cinematography and editing. I was very proud to be an integral part of this project and will be taking the things I have learnt onto future projects.’ Jed Palmer, Student of Sir William Romney’s School & Director and Lead Editor of SWR’s Lip Dub

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  1. Sir William Romney

    01. Feb, 2013

    Not all 500 students did it, some didn’t want their face on YouTube, so that bit is false.

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