Wildlife Weekly Slimbridge – Episode 46

Posted on 21. Nov, 2014 by in Environment & Nature, Featured

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A ‘Hot Fuzz’ swan encounter Slimbridge style! Catching swans looked a struggle in the movie Hot Fuzz, but how did the local police fare on a trip to Slimbridge? Elsewhere the Golden Plover flocks are looking magnificent, but sharing the reserve with some fearsome predators is keeping them active!

The swan cam goes live!

Enjoy swans then supper
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2 Responses to “Wildlife Weekly Slimbridge – Episode 46”

  1. Anjana

    27. Nov, 2014

    Would help to put under every video from slimbridge that it is some 50 kms from Stroud and is a famous wetlands area preserved for wildlife, especially birds. Would help us newbies that arent really familiar with it.

    The video is nice. But it would be nicer to have more wildlife in the visuals compared to the presenter !

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  2. Philip

    27. Nov, 2014

    Thanks for comment – not sure what you mean regarding distance as Slimbridge is 10 miles or 16 kms from Stroud? I know Slimbridge would welcome more quality video footage of wildlife but I guess they rely on staff doing it between their other jobs?

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