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Michael Powell lived the last years of his life in Avening. The film “SMITH” was made in 1939 for the Embankment Fellowship Centre — now Veterans Aid. It was made to raise awareness of the work that the charity undertook and to attract funds. ‘SMITH” was produced on a “cost only” basis for £400 and was formally launched in June 1939 at a luncheon at The House of Commons. The distribution was to be undertaken through cinemas throughout the country in September 1939 — unfortunately world events intervened and the film was withdrawn from distribution!

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This Michael Powell film is a recognised classic which is owned by and copyrighted to Veterans Aid/The Ex-Service Fellowship Centres. It features Ralph Richardson as the eponymous veteran ‘Smith’ and Flora Robson as his wife. More than 80-years after ‘SMITH’ was made the charity’s message of hope for veterans in crisis is as valid as it ever was.

We show the film here on Stroud Community TV to highlight their work and a piece of local history.

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