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Katie Smith & Harry Jones audition for The Voice, Season 2 Episode 2 – 06/04/2013.” See the whole episode on iPlayer here – Katie and Harry are at about 43 minutes into the programme and the episode is available until 29th June 2013. See Smith and Jones in Battle Rounds 2 at 48 minutes into the episode on iPlayer here – again episode is available until 29th June 2013.

They write:

This our new original song guys…It doesn’t have a name yet, but we want YOU to name it for us! Tweet your suggestions to @smithandjonesuk using the hashtag #NameThatSmonieSong and we will choose the best one and announce it to the world 🙂

SNAPCHAT: smithandjonesuk
TWITTER: @smithandjonesuk
INSTAGRAM: katiesmith_uk & harryjonesuk



You built your home upon my soft spot darling
Just in time to watch me melt away
When it was silent could you hear me calling?
Or were you always going to save me anyway?
I’m feeling lucky now

Came out of nowhere when I least expected it
Just in time to watch me fall apart
You took the pieces, put them back together
Before I even knew we’d got this far
I’m feeling lucky now

And in the darkness
I can always see the light you shine on me
And out of the silence
We’ll be flying…

I’m feeling lucky now.

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